Klancy KDS

The Kitchen Display you’ve always needed.
Now it is available.

Starting from 19€/month per device

Efficiency improves the quality of your dishes.

With Klancy you will no lose any orders and you will never have morepaper tickets on the kitchen top.

Your team will see all the orders on the displays as happens in the large food franchise.
Everything is synchronized.

You can focus on the quality of the dishes, no longer having to worry about forgetting dishes or making customers wait too long.

Show orders from anywhere, on one screen.

Regardless of which platform the orders come from, with Klancy and Tilby * you can see the orders on the devices in your kitchen.

*to import orders from platforms in tilby you need an aggregator like Strooka or Deliverect.

What you can do with Klancy

Klancy is the feedbacks result from dozens of restaurateurs.
It can be said that it is developed by Chefs for Chefs.

Order delivered to kitchen instantly

With Klancy you will no longer lose orders and you will not have paper tickets on the kitchen top.

Order Type Managed

Orders are differentiated by type: Delivery (with icon of the platform), Takeaway, Restaurant Tables.

Easy to Use

We have developed our interface to be simple, intuitive and smart. No training needed.

Check Preparation

It’s possible to mark each dish as “prepared”.
Situation is always under control.

Klancy works on all devices

Klancy can be used by browser from any device.
Touch screen is not mandatory but suggested.

No-Limit Customization

If you need a custom feature, you can contact us. We will send you a quotation for the development of the tailored solution for your need.

Developed to be working in minutes.

Simple and immediate setup. It does not require training for your staff.
You are immediately ready to manage your kitchen in a smart way.

Starting from 19€/month per device